About Us

Welcome to HollaPena home of Graphics, Printing and Social Media. We were created in 2006 in Southern California and have helped 1000's of national small, medium and large sized businesses with their marketing needs. We are no one without our awesome team so let's stop talking about us and start talking about them.


Lorelai Desiree Pena - Writer

With writing in her heart Lorelai is in charge of all HollaPena copy from websites, social media and print. She has aspirations of attending UCLA to pursue her writing career with a major in journalism. She believes that words are the window to emotion and a person who can truly express themselves through words has the world at their finger tips. She is also in charge of all orders leaving HollaPena and makes sure that each order leaves in time for its deadline.



Victoria Marie Pena - Artist

The artistic flare of HollaPena comes from the mind of Victoria Marie. She gives her input on every project that leaves our studio. With her background in free hand rendering she is a killer addition to our design team. Among other hats Victoria takes charge in our Apparel department insuring that every color swatch, artwork and order is completed with a surgeons precision. She is a harding working young lady with her eyes set on UC Berkley where she wants to drop anchor and make northern California her forever home.



Michael Robert Pena - Content Creator

Michael's legacy of Printing, Graphic Design & Marketing began in 2004 when he started his career with Kinkos (before Fedex). He was placed in charge of large clients accounts and managed to work side by side with Blue Cross, Amgen and Wellpoint covering numerous state contracts. He used his position to invest time into his artwork and eventually became talented enough to build a well respected portfolio of National Clientele.

Raising Twins girls he understood that he had to either get another job or leave Kinkos for something he could run himself. HollaPena officially launched in 2007 when Michael understood that his talents were best marketed outside of a large corporate brand. Michael now brings those talents to Small and Medium sized businesses to either help launch, re-build or level up your marketing campaign.

With over a decade of experience Michael has produced over 1,000,000 pieces of print, acquired over 750,000 natural social media followers and garnered over 4,000,000 views in personal content. He looks forward to working with you on your next upcoming project.